2007 Topps Update

The cards from the top list are $0.07 each. The prices for the star cards at the bottom are listed. Shipping for up to 50 cards is $3.50. Additional lots are an additional $0.75 each. A better shipping discount will be made for very large lots. Please send the list of cards needed to sam-mcmillan@att.net and I will either send you a Paypal invoice for provide you with a mailing address to send payment. I have been listing common lots on ebay for many years and have a perfect feedback rating (ebay ID: rimas99). Thank you for looking.

UH-001Tony Armas, Jr.
UH-143Jeff Baker
UH-002Shannon Stewart
UH-145Macay McBride
UH-005Steve Trachsel
UH-146Freddie Bynum
UH-007Ronnie Belliard
UH-147Eric Patterson
UH-011Matt Morris
UH-148Dustin McGowan
UH-012Marlon Anderson
UH-149Homer Bailey
UH-017Jason Ellison
UH-156Matt DeSalvo
UH-018Adam Jones
UH-179Jesus Flores
UH-020Rob Bowen
UH-180Joakim Soria
UH-024Brad Hennessey
UH-181Nathan Haynes
UH-027Yusmeiro Petit
UH-185Nate Schierholtz
UH-028Olmedo Saenz
UH-188Ryan Rowland-Smith
UH-030Kevin Frandsen
UH-192Terry Evans
UH-031Tony Pena
UH-194Guillermo Rodriguez
UH-035Hiram Bocachica
UH-196Brian Wolfe
UH-037Jason Simontacchi
UH-198Mike Zagurski
UH-040Chris Denorfia
UH-200Brad Salmon
UH-042Chris Snelling
UH-202Danny Putnam
UH-046Brandon Lyon
UH-208Mark Buehrle HL
UH-047Scott Hairston
UH-223Russell Martin AS
UH-052Armando Benitez
UH-226Jose Reyes AS
UH-053Randy Messenger
UH-233J.J. Putz AS
UH-057Carlos Marmol
UH-234Francisco Rodriguez AS
UH-060Michael Barrett
UH-238Francisco Cordero AS
UH-061Shawn Chacon
UH-248Roy Oswalt AS
UH-067Tony Graffanino
UH-249Billy Wagner AS
UH-069Claudio Vargas
UH-250Carl Crawford AS
UH-071A.J. Pierzynski
UH-251Chris Young AS
UH-073Boone Logan
UH-252Brian McCann AS
UH-077Esteban German
UH-255Dmitri Young AS
UH-079Adam Wainwright
UH-257J.J. Hardy AS
UH-082Rafael Betancourt
UH-259Freddy Sanchez AS
UH-084Kyle Farnsworth
UH-261Carlos Lee AS
UH-085Rick Ankiel
UH-265Jorge Posada AS
UH-093Chris Sampson
UH-267Brian Roberts AS
UH-094Al Reyes
UH-269Grady Sizemore AS
UH-095Dmitri Young
UH-270Josh Beckett AS
UH-101Jayson Werth
UH-271Dan Haren AS
UH-102Adam Eaton
UH-273John Lackey AS
UH-104Jorge Sosa
UH-275Fontenot/Greene CC
UH-105Ramon Castro
UH-280Crawford/Guillen CC
UH-112Henry Owens
UH-281Hamels/Martin CC
UH-114Pete Orr
UH-282Papelbon/Posada CC
UH-117Jeremy Accardo
UH-283Crawford/Martinez CC
UH-121Justin Duchscherer
UH-284Soriano/Hardy CC
UH-124Lenny DiNardo
UH-287Alex Rios HR
UH-125Joe Kennedy
UH-294Todd Wellemeyer
UH-126Chad Gaudin
UH-298Shaun Marcum
UH-130Eric Gagne
UH-305Orlando Palmeiro
UH-131Marlon Byrd
UH-306Paul Bako
UH-133Victor Diaz
UH-311Josh Phelps
UH-135Jose Molina
UH-316Brandon Watson
UH-136Ramon Vazquez
UH-321Scott Linebrink
UH-137Erick Aybar
UH-322David Murphy
UH-138Sean Marshall
UH-324Dan Wheeler
UH-139Casey Kotchman

The following cards are available at an additional cost and can be added to your final ebay
auction invoice.  The prices of the cards reflect approximatley half Beckett value.
Additional shipping charges may apply depending on how many extra cards are chosen.


UH-150Ryan Braun          1.25

UH-153Mary Reynolds          0.75

UH-158Tim Lincecum          1.25

UH-160Hunter Pence          1.25

UH-162Phil Hughes          1.00

UH-165Dallas Braden          1.00

UH-207Cecil Fielder HL          0.25

UH-216David Ortiz AS          0.25

UH-224Prince Fielder AS          0.25

UH-227David Wright AS          0.25

UH-277Tulowitzki/Reyes CC          1.00

UH-327Justin Upton          1.75