2003 Topps Traded

The cards from the top list are $0.15 each. The prices for the star cards at the bottom are listed. Shipping for up to 50 cards is $3.50. Additional lots are an additional $0.75 each. A better shipping discount will be made for very large lots. Please send the list of cards needed to sam-mcmillan@att.net and I will either send you a Paypal invoice for provide you with a mailing address to send payment. I have been listing common lots on ebay for many years and have a perfect feedback rating (ebay ID: rimas99). Thank you for looking.

T-001Juan Pierre
T-133Wilson Betemit PROS
T-002Mark Grudzielanek
T-134Jim Kavourias PROS
T-003Tanyon Sturtze
T-139Clint Nageotte PROS
T-004Greg Vaughn
T-140Boof Bonser PROS
T-006Randall Simon
T-142Joe Crede PROS
T-007Todd Hundley
T-143Denny Bautista PROS
T-009Jeff Reboulet
T-145Chris Narveson PROS
T-010Alex Sanchez
T-147Jimmy Journell PROS
T-011Mike Rivera
T-150Aaron Cook PROS
T-013Ray King
T-154Ryan Ludwick PROS
T-014Shawn Estes
T-155Chris Bootcheck PROS
T-017Edgardo Alfonzo
T-164Khalil Greene PROS
T-018Omar Daal
T-165Sean Burnett PROS
T-024Armando Rios
T-170Matt Diaz
T-028Robert Fick
T-173Matt Hensley
T-029Rick White
T-176Greg Aquino
T-032Chris Carpenter
T-177Felix Sanchez
T-033Chris Widger
T-179Bubba Nelson
T-035Mike Venafro
T-180Mike O'Keefe
T-037Orlando Hernandez
T-184Eric Crozier
T-038Aaron Myette
T-185Ryan Shealy
T-039Paul Bako
T-191Chris De La Cruz
T-041Mark Guthrie
T-192Eli Whiteside
T-047Tom Goodwin
T-194Jon Schuerholz
T-048Elmer Dessens
T-196Andy Sisco
T-049Al Martin
T-199Matt Kata
T-050Gene Kingsale
T-202Ben Francisco
T-051Lenny Harris
T-203Arnie Munoz
T-054Mike Difelice
T-205Eric Riggs
T-055Jose Hernandez
T-210Wilton Reynolds
T-058Albie Lopez
T-212Andrew Brown
T-060Russ Ortiz
T-213Edgar Gonzalez
T-063Jeromy Burnitz
T-214Eider Torres
T-066Mike Fetters
T-221Wil Ledezma
T-068Deivi Cruz
T-226Kade Johnson
T-071Jeff Kent
T-232Adam Stern
T-072Andres Galarraga
T-233Brennan King
T-074Royce Clayton
T-237Clay Hensley
T-076Ron Coomer
T-238Tyler Johnson
T-077Greg Colbrunn
T-239Pete LaForest
T-079Kevin Millwood
T-241J.D. Durbin
T-082Keith Osik
T-243Rajai Davis
T-084Shea Hillenbrand
T-244Ismael Castro
T-085Shannon Stewart
T-246Travis Ishikawa
T-086Eddie Perez
T-249Dave Pember
T-089Graeme Lloyd
T-251Tyson Graham
T-091Gary Bennett
T-255Dustin McGowan
T-093Steve Parris
T-258Carlos Guzman
T-094Julio Lugo
T-259Matt Demarco
T-096Carlos Baerga
T-261Brian Burgamy
T-097Jim Parque
T-262Jay Sitzman
T-098Mike Williams
T-264Mike Adams
T-100Kenny Rogers
T-265Clint Barmes
T-101Matt Herges
T-266Eric Reed
T-103Esteban Yan
T-267Willie Eyre
T-112Aramis Ramirez
T-269Nick Trzesniak
T-115Robin Ventura
T-271Michael Garciaparra
T-121Bobby Crosby PROS
T-273Branden Florence
T-127Jason Young PROS
T-274Trent Oeltjen
T-129Jason Dubois PROS
CL-01Checklist 1/2
T-132Ed Rogers PROS
CL-02Checklist 2/2


T-122Adrian Gonzalez PROS $1.50 

T-124Shin-Soo Choo PROS $0.75 

T-159Adam Wainwright PROS $1.50 

T-222Josh Willingham $0.75 

T-234Dan Haren $0.75 

T-242Shane Victorino $0.75