2003 Stadium Club

The cards from the top list are $0.07 each. The prices for the star cards at the bottom are listed. Shipping for up to 50 cards is $3.50. Additional lots are an additional $0.75 each. A better shipping discount will be made for very large lots. Please send the list of cards needed to sam-mcmillan@att.net and I will either send you a Paypal invoice for provide you with a mailing address to send payment. I have been listing common lots on ebay for many years and have a perfect feedback rating (ebay ID: rimas99). Thank you for looking.

4Fernando Vina

15Shawn Green

18Johnny Damon

28Austin Kearns

29Shea Hillenbrand

58Aramis Ramirez

64Nomar Garciaparra

69Jorge Posada

74Brian Giles

75Barry Zito

76Andruw Jones

78Robert Fick

81Gary Sheffield

82Jim Edmonds

83Kazuhisa Ishii

84Jose Hernandez

85Jason Giambi

86Mark Mulder

88Troy Glaus

89Carlos Delgado

90Mike Sweeney

93Ryan Klesko

94Larry Walker

95Adam Dunn

96Raul Ibanez

97Preston Wilson

98Roy Oswalt


79Rafael Palmeiro          0.25 

99Sammy Sosa          0.25 

101Jose Reyes FS          0.25 

102Ed Rogers FS          0.25 

103Hank Blalock FS          0.25 

104Mark Teixeira FS          0.50 

105Orlando Hudson FS          0.25 

106Drew Henson FS          0.25 

107Joe Mauer FS          0.50 

108Carl Crawford FS          0.25 

109Marlon Byrd FS          0.25 

110Jason Stokes FS          0.25 

112Wilson Betemit FS          0.25 

113Jerome Williams FS          0.25 

114Walter Young FS          0.25 

115Juan Camacho FS          0.25 

116Chris Duncan FS          1.25 

117Franklin Gutierrez FS          0.35 

118Adam La Roche FS          0.35 

119Manuel Ramirez FS          0.35 

120Il Kim FS          0.35 

121Wayne Lydon FS          0.35 

122Daryl Clark FS          0.35 

123Sean Pierce FS          0.35 

124Andy Marte FS          0.35 

125Matthe Peterson FS          0.35