1993 Upper Deck

The cards from the top list are $0.07 each. The prices for the star cards at the bottom are listed. Shipping for up to 50 cards is $3.50. Additional lots are an additional $0.75 each. A better shipping discount will be made for very large lots. Please send the list of cards needed to sam-mcmillan@att.net and I will either send you a Paypal invoice for provide you with a mailing address to send payment. I have been listing common lots on ebay for many years and have a perfect feedback rating (ebay ID: rimas99). Thank you for looking.

1Tim Salmon (Checklist)

222Gary Sheffield427Tyrone Hill644Sean Berry
3Rene Arocha

224Jay Buhner428Dmitri Young645Phil Hiatt
4Willie Green

225Jose Offerman429Derek Wallace646Kevin Mitchell
5Manny Alexander

226Jose Rijo430Michael Moore647Charlie Hayes
6Dan Wilson

228Randy Milligan431Cliff Floyd648Jim Deshaies
7Dan Smith

229Bud Black432Calvin Murray649Dan Pasqua
8Kevin Rogers

230Gary DiSarcina434Marc Newfield650Mike Maddux
9Nigel Wilson

231Steve Finley435Charles Johnson651Domingo Martinez
10Joe Vitko

232Dennis Martinez436Butch Huskey652Greg McMichael
11Tim Costo

234Joe Oliver437Brad Pennington653Eric Wedge
13Jim Tatum

235Chad Curtis438Ray McDavid654Mark Whiten
14Chris Colon

237Jaime Navarro439Chad McConnell655Roberto Kelly
15Steve Hosey

238Brian McRae440Midre Cummings656Julio Franco
16Sterling Hitchcock

239Chili Davis441Benji Gil657Gene Harris
17Dave Mlicki

240Jeff King442Frank Rodriguez658Pete Schourek
18Jessie Hollins

241Dean Palmer443Chad Mottola659Mike Bielecki
19Bobby Jones

242Danny Tartabull444John Burke660Ricky Gutierrez
20Kurt Miller

243Charles Nagy445Michael Tucker661Chris Hammond
21Melvin Nieves

244Ray Lankford446Rick Greene662Tim Scott
22Billy Ashley

246Steve Avery447Rich Becker663Norm Charlton
23J.T. Snow

247John Kruk448Mike Robertson664Doug Drabek
25Tim Salmon

248Derrick May451Jim Abbott PG665Dwight Gooden
26Tim Pugh

249Stan Javier453Jason Bere PG666Jim Gott
27David Nied

250Roger McDowell454Delino DeShields PG667Randy Myers
28Mike Trombley

251Dan Gladden455Travis Fryman PG668Darren Holmes
29Javy Lopez

252Wally Joyner456Alex Gonzalez PG669Tim Spehr
30Jim Abbott (Checklist)

253Pat Listach457Phil Hiatt PG670Bruce Ruffin
31Jim Abbott CH

254Chuck Knoblauch458Dave Hollins PG671Bobby Thigpen
35Harold Reynolds CH

255Sandy Alomar460David Justice PG672Tony Fernandez
39Dave Stewart CH

260Joe Orsulak461Ray Lankford PG673Darrin Jackson
46Fielder/Tettleton TM

261Andy Benes462David McCarty PG674Gregg Olson
57Scott Cooper

263Robin Ventura464Jose Offerman PG675Rob Dibble
58Mike Maddux

264Ron Gant465Dean Palmer PG676Howard Johnson
59Rusty Meacham

265Ellis Burks466Geronimo Pena PG677Mike Lansing
60Wil Cordero

266Juan Guzman467Eduardo Perez PG678Charlie Leibrandt
61Tim Teufel

267Wes Chamberlain469Reggie Sanders PG679Kevin Bass
62Jeff Montgomery

268John Smiley470Bernie William PG680Hubie Brooks
63Scott Livingstone

269Franklin Stubbs477Davis/Strawberry TS681Scott Brosius
64Doug Dascenzo

270Tom Browning478Bichette/Nied/Galarraga TS682Randy Knorr
65Bret Boone

276Ben McDonald479Magadan/Destrade/Barberie/Conine TS683Dante Bichette
66Tim Wakefield

277Bob Zupcic480Wakefield/Van Slyke/Bell TS684Bryan Harvey
68Frank Tanana

278Terry Steinbach481Grissom/Walker/DeShields/Martinez TS685Greg Gohr
69Lenny Dykstra

279Terry Mulholland485Kruk/Hollins/Daulton/Dykstra TS686Willie Banks
70Derek Lilliquist

280Lance Johnson490Eric Karros NL ROY687Robb Nen
71Anthony Young

281Willie McGee491Pat Listach AL ROY688Mike Scioscia
72Hipolito Pichardo

282Bret Saberhagen492Gary Sheffield NL Comeback Player689John Farrell
73Rod Beck

284Randy Tomlin494Gary Sheffield NL Batting Champion690John Candelaria
74Kent Hrbek

285Mickey Morandini495Edgar Martinez AL Batting Champion691Damon Buford
76Kevin Brown

286Brian Williams497Juan Gonzalez AL HR Champion692Todd Worrell
77Chuck Finley

287Tino Martinez498Darren Daulton NL RBI Champion694John Smiley
78Bob Walk

288Jose Melendez499Cecil Fielder AL RBI Champion695Greg Swindell
79Rheal Cormier

289Jeff Huson500Checklist (Gates) DD696Derek Bell
80Rick Sutcliffe

290Joe Grahe501Tavo Alvarez DD697Terry Jorgensen
81Harold Baines

291Mel Hall502Rod Bolton DD698Jimmy Jones
82Lee Smith

292Otis Nixon504Brent Gates DD699David Wells
83Geno Petralli

293Todd Hundley505Tyler Green DD700Dave Martinez
84Jose Oquendo

294Casey Candaele506Jose Martinez DD701Steve Bedrosian
85Mark Gubicza

295Kevin Seitzer507Troy Percival DD702Jeff Russell
86Mickey Tettleton

296Eddie Taubensee509Matt Walbeck DD703Joe Magrane
87Bobby Witt

297Moises Alou510Rondell White DD704Matt Mieske
88Mark Lewis

298Scott Randinsky511Billy Ripken707Steve Howe
89Kevin Appier

299Thomas Howard512Mike Moore708Greg Gagne
90Mike Stanton

300Kyle Abbott513Jose Lind709Dave Eiland
91Rafael Belliard

301Omar Vizquel514Chito Martinez710David West
92Kenny Rogers

302Keith Miller515Jose Guzman711Luis Aquino
93Randy Velarde

303Rick Aguilera516Kim Batiste712Joe Orsulak
94Luis Sojo

304Bruce Hurst517Jeff Tackett713Eric Plunk
95Mark Leiter

305Ken Caminiti518Charlie Hough714Mike Felder
96Jody Reed

306Mike Pagliarulo519Marvin Freeman715Joe Klink
97Pete Harnisch

307Frank Seminara520Carlos Martinez716Lonnie Smith
98Tom Candiotti

309Jose Lind521Eric Young717Monty Fariss
99Mark Portugal

310Joe Boever522Pete Incaviglia718Craig Lefferts
100Dave Valle

311Jeff Parrett523Scott Fletcher719John Habyan
101Shawon Dunston

312Alan Mills524Orestes Destrade720Willie Blair
102B.J. Surhoff

313Kevin Tapani526Ellis Burks721Darnell Coles
103Jay Bell

314Darryl Kile527Juan Samuel722Mark Williamson
104Sid Bream

315Checklist (Clark)528Dave Magadan723Bryn Smith
106Mike Morgan

316Mike Sharperson529Jeff Parrett724Greg W. Harris
107Bill Doran

317John Orton530Bill Krueger725Graeme Lloyd
108Lance Blankenship

318Bob Tewksbury531Frank Bolick726Chris Carpenter
109Mark Lemke

319Xavier Hernandez533Walt Weiss727Chico Walker
111Brady Anderson

320Paul Assenmacher534David Cone728Tracy Woodson
112Bip Roberts

321John Franco536Kevin Young729Jose Uribe
116Matt Nokes

322Mike Timlin537Dave Hansen730Stan Javier
117Lance Parrish

323Jose Guzman538Alex Cole731Jay Howell
118Bill Swift

325Bill Spiers539Greg Hibbard733Jeff Reboulet
119Jeff Innis

326Miledo Perez540Gene Larkin734Scott Sanderson
120Mike Lavalliere

327Mike Macfarlane541Jeff Reardon736Archi Cianfrocco
121Hal Morris

328Ricky Bones542Felix Jose737Daryl Boston
122Walt Weiss

330Rich Rodriguez543Jimmy Key738Craig Grebeck
124Andy Van Slyke

332Bernie Williams544Reggie Jefferson739Doug Dascenzo
126Robby Thompson

334Carlos Garica545Gregg Jefferies740Gerald Young
128Mark Langston

337Pat Mahomes546Dave Stewart741Candy Maldonado
129Jerry Browne

338Erik Hanson547Tim Wallach742Joey Cora
130Chuck McElroy

339Duane Ward549Tommy  Greene743Don Slaught
131Frank Viola

340Al Martin550Fernando Valenzuela744Steve Decker
132Leo Gomez

341Pedro Munoz551Rich Amaral745Blas Minor
133Ramon Martinez

342Greg Colbrunn552Bret Barberie746Storm Davis
137Darren Daulton

343Julio Valera553Edgar Martinez747Carlos Quintana
138Ken Hill

344John Olerud554Jim Abbott748Vince Coleman
139Ozzie Guillen

345George Bell557Tom Henke750Steve Frey
140Jerald Clark

346Devon White558Milt Thompson751Ivan Calderon
141Dave Fleming

347Donovan Osborne559Lloyd McClendon752Steve Reed
142Delino DeShields

348Mark Gardner560Vinny Castilla753Danny Jackson
144Larry Walker

349Zane Smith561Ricky Jordan754Jeff Conine
145Ruben Sierra

350Wilson Alvarez562Andujar Cedeno755Juan Gonzalez
147Chris Sabo

351Kevin Koslofski563Greg Vaughn756Mike Kelly
148Carlos Hernandez

352Roberto Hernandez564Cecil Fielder758Jack Armstrong
149Pat Borders

353Glenn Davis568Jody Reed759John Wehner
150Orlando Merced

356Marquis Grissom569Todd Zeile760Scott Bankhead
151Royce Clayton

357Jack McDowell570Mark Carreon761Jim Tatum
152Kurt Stillwell

358Jimmy Key571Joe Girardi762Scott Pose
153Dave Hollins

360Gerald Williams572Luis Gonzalez763Andy Ashby
154Mike Greenwell

362Alex Fernandez573Mark Grace765Harold Baines
156Felix Jose

364Travis Fryman575Darryl Strawberry767Troy Neel
157Junior Felix

366David Justice576Will Clark768Dick Schofield
158Derek Bell

367Pedro Astacio578Kevin Reimer769Dickie Thon
159Steve Buechele

368Tim Belcher579Dave Righetti770Butch Henry
160John Burkett

369Steve Sax580Juan Bell771Junior Felix
161Pat Howell

370Gary Gaetti581Jeff Brantley772Ken Ryan
162Milt Cuyler

371Jeff Frye582Brian Hunter774Phil Plantier
163Terry Pendleton

372Bob Wickman583Tim Naehring775Bo Jackson
166Deion Sanders

373Ryan Thompson584Glenallen Hill776Benito Santiago
167Mike Devereaux

374David Hulse586Albert Belle778Bryan Hickerson
168Ron Darling

375Cal Eldred588Chris Bosio779Dennis Moeller
169Orel Hershiser

376Ryan Klesko589Pete Smith780Ryan Bowen
170Mike Jackson

377Damion Easley590Chuck Carr781Eric Fox
171Doug Jones

378John Kiely591Jeff Blauser782Joe Kmak
172Dan Walters

379Jim Bullinger592Kevin McReynolds783Mike Hampton
173Darren Lewis

380Brian Bohannon593Andres Galarraga784Darrell Sherman
174Carlos Baerga

381Rod Brewer595Eric Davis785J.T. Snow
176Gregg Jefferies

382Fernando Ramsey596Brian Jordan787Jim Austin
177John Jaha

383Sam Militello598Rick Wilkins788Craig Shipley
178Luis Polinia

384Arthur Rhodes599Steve Cooke789Greg Myers
179Kirt Manwaring

385Eric Karros600Mike Gallego790Todd Benzinger
180Mike Magnante

386Rico Brogna601Mike Munoz791Cory Snyder
181Billy RIpken

387John Valentin602Luis Rivera792David Segui
182Mike Moore

388Kerry Woodson603Junior Ortiz793Armando Reynoso
183Eric Anthony

389Ben Rivera604Brent Mayne794Chili Davis
184Lenny Harris

390Matt Whiteside605Luis Alicea795Dave Nilsson
185Tony Pena

391Henry Rodriguez606Damon Berryhill796Paul O'Neill
186Mike Felder

392John Wetteland607Dave Henderson797Jerald Clark
187Greg Olson

393Kent Mercker608Kirk McCaskill798Jose Mesa
188Rene Gonzalez

394Bernard Gilkey609Jeff Fassero799Brian Holman
189Mike Bordick

395Doug Henry610Mike Harkey800Jim Eisenreich
190Mel Rojas

396Mo Vaughn611Fransico Cabrerra801Mark McLemore
191Todd Frohwirth

397Scott Erickson612Rey Sanchez802Luis Sojo
192Darryl Hamilton

398Bill Gullickson613Scott Servais803Harold Reynolds
193Mike Fetters

399Mark Guthrie614Darrin Fletcher804Dan Plesac
194Omar Olivares

400Dave Martinez615Felix Fermin805Dave Stieb
195Tony Phillips

401Jeff Kent616Kevin Seitzer806Tom Brunansky
196Paul Sorrento

402Chris Hoiles617Bob Scanlan807Kelly Gruber
197Trevor Wilson

403Mike Henneman618Billy Hatcher808Bob Ojeda
198Kevin Gross

404Chris Nabholz619John Vander Wal809Dave Burba
199Ron Karkovice

405Tom Pagnozzi620Joe Hesketh810Joe Boever
201Mariano Duncan

406Kelly Gruber621Hector Villanueva811Jeremy Hernandez
202Dennis Cook

408Frank Castillo623Tony Tarasco812Tim Salmon TC
203Daryl Boston

409John Dopson625Willie Wilson816Steve Avery TC
204Mike Perez

410Steve Farr626Frank Tanana818Gregg Jefferies TC
205Manny Lee

411Henry Cotto627Pete O'Brien820Darryl Strawberry TC
206Steve Olin

412Bob Patterson628Lenny Webster821Dennis Martinez TC
207Charlie Hough

413Todd Stottlemyre629Mark Clark822Robby Thompson TC
208Scott Scudder

414Greg A. Harris631Alex Arias823Albert Belle TC
209Charlie O'Brien

415Denny Neagle632Chris Gwynn825Nigel Wilson TC
211Jose Vizcaino

416Bill Wegman633Tom Bolton826Bobby Bonilla TC
212Scott Leius

417Willie Wilson634Greg Briley827Glenn Davis TC
213Kevin Mitchell

418Terry Leach635Kent Bottenfield829Darren Daulton TC
214Brian Barnes

419Willie Randolph636Kelly Downs830Jay Bell TC
215Pat Kelly

421Checklist (Murray)637Manny Lee831Juan Gonzalez TC
216Chris Hammond

422Pete Janicki638Al Leiter833Hal Morris TC
217Rob Deer

423Todd Jones639Jeff Gardner834Dave Nied TC
218Cory Snyder

424Mike Neill640Mike Gardiner835Felix Jose TC
220Danny Darwin

425Carlos Delgado641Mark Gardner836Travis Fryman TC
221Tom Gordon

426Jose Oliva642Jeff Branson837Shane Mack TC

643Paul Wagner838Robin Ventura TC

839Danny Tartabull TC


2Piazza          1.50 

24Jones          0.15 

32Murphy SP          0.15 

34Puckett CH          0.20 

36Ripken CH          0.40 

37Ryan CH          0.50 

38Sandberg CH          0.20 

40Winfield CH          0.20 

41McGwire CL          0.20 

42Alomar SP          0.20 

43Molitor SP          0.20 

44Ripken SP          0.40 

45Thome SP          0.15 

47Mattingly SP          0.25 

48Clemens SP          0.25 

49McGwire SP          0.20 

50Puckett SP          0.20 

51Thomas SP          0.25 

52Rodriguez, I SP          0.15 

54Brett SP          0.25 

55Griffey SP          0.25 

56Brett          0.75 

67Schilling          0.15 

75Glavine          0.20 

105Thomas CL          0.25 

114Biggio          0.15 

115Murray          0.25 

123Rodriguez, I          0.15 

125Alomar          0.20 

127Sammy Sosa          0.15 

134Mattingly          0.50 

135Clemens          0.50 

136Henderson          0.25 

146Smith          0.25 

155Ryan          1.00 

164Morris          0.15 

165Gwynn          0.30 

175Sandberg          0.40 

210Bonds CL          0.40 

219Carter, G          0.20 

223Carter, J          0.15 

233Mussina          0.15 

245Larkin          0.20 

256Bagwell          0.15 

271Eckersley          0.20 

272Fisk          0.20 

273Whitaker          0.15 

308Dawson          0.20 

324Martinez          0.50 

333Molitor          0.25 

336Johnson          0.25 

355Griffey          0.40 

363Smoltz          0.15 

365Canseco          0.15 

420McGwire CL          0.25 

433Ramirez          0.40 

449Jeter        10.00 

450Rodriguez, I CL          0.15 

452Bagwell IN          0.15 

459Jones IN          0.20 

463Mussina IN          0.15 

468RodriguezI IN          0.15 

471Bonds CL          0.50 

472Maddux SP          0.25 

473Larkin SP          0.20 

474Gwynn SP          0.20 

475Bagwell/Biggio SP          0.20 

476Bonds SP          0.50 

482Smith SP          0.25 

483Sandberg SP          0.25 

484Murray SP          0.20 

486Bonds AW          0.50 

487Eckersley AW          0.20 

488Maddux AW          0.25 

489Eckersley AW          0.20 

493McGwire AW          0.30 

496McGriff AW          0.15 

525Griffey CL          0.40 

532Trammell          0.15 

535Maddux          0.40 

555Thomas          0.25 

556Boggs          0.20 

565Puckett          0.20 

566McGwire          0.75 

567Bonds          0.75 

574Rafael Palmeiro          0.15 

577McGriff          0.15 

585Ripken          0.75 

587Yount          0.40 

597Raines          0.15 

630Clemens CL          0.25 

705Molitor          0.25 

706Murphy          0.15 

735Sandberg CL          0.25 

773Hoffman          0.15 

777Dawson          0.20 

786Winfield          0.20 

813Bagwell TC          0.15 

814Eckersley TC          0.20 

815Alomar TC          0.20 

819Sammy Sosa TC          0.15 

824Johnson TC          0.20 

832Dawson TC          0.20 

840Alomar TC          0.20