1987 Topps Traded

The cards from the top list are $0.07 each. The prices for the star cards at the bottom are listed. Shipping for up to 50 cards is $3.50. Additional lots are an additional $0.75 each. A better shipping discount will be made for very large lots. Please send the list of cards needed to sam-mcmillan@att.net and I will either send you a Paypal invoice for provide you with a mailing address to send payment. I have been listing common lots on ebay for many years and have a perfect feedback rating (ebay ID: rimas99). Thank you for looking.

T-001Bill Almon
T-002Scott Bankhead
T-003Eric Bell
T-004Juan Beniquez
T-005Juan Berenguer
T-006Greg Booker
T-007Thad Bosley
T-008Larry Bowa MGR
T-009Greg Brock
T-010Bob Brower
T-011Jerry Browne
T-012Ralph Bryant
T-013DeWayne Buice
T-015Ivan Calderon
T-016Jeff Calhoun
T-017Casey Candaele
T-018John Cangelosi
T-020Juan Castillo
T-021Rick Cerone
T-022Ron Cey
T-023John Christensen
T-025Chuck Crim
T-026Storm Davis
T-028Rick Dempsey
T-029Doug Drabek
T-030Mike Dunne
T-032Lee Elia MGR
T-033Brian Fisher
T-034Terry Francona
T-035Willie Fraser
T-036Billy Gardner MGR
T-037Ken Gerhart
T-038Dan Gladden
T-039Jim Gott
T-040Cecilio Guante
T-041Albert Hall
T-042Terry Harper
T-043Mickey Hatcher
T-044Brad Havens
T-045Neal Heaton

T-047Donnie Hill
T-048Guy Hoffman
T-049Brian Holton
T-050Charles Hudson
T-051Danny Jackson
T-053Chris James
T-054Dion James
T-055Stan Jefferson
T-056Joe Johnson
T-057Terry Kennedy
T-058Mike Kingery
T-059Ray Knight
T-060Gene Larkin
T-061Mike LaValliere
T-062Jack Lazorko
T-063Terry Leach
T-064Tim Leary
T-065Jim Lindeman
T-066Steve Lombardozi
T-067Bill Long
T-068Barry Lyons
T-069Shane Mack
T-071Bill Madlock
T-072Joe Magrane
T-073Dave Martinez
T-075Mark McLemore
T-076Kevin McReynolds
T-077Dave Meads
T-078Eddie Milner
T-079Greg Minton
T-080John Mitchell
T-082Charlie Moore
T-083Jeff Musselman
T-084Gene Nelson
T-085Graig Nettles
T-086Al Newman
T-087Reid Nichols
T-088Tom Niedenfuer
T-089Joe Niekro
T-090Tom Nieto
T-091Matt Nokes
T-092Dickie Noles
T-093Pat Pacillo
T-094Lance Parrish
T-095Tony Pena
T-096Luis Polonia
T-097Randy Ready
T-098Jeff Reardon
T-099Gary Redus
T-100Jeff Reed
T-101Rick Rhoden
T-102Cal Ripken, Sr. MGR
T-103Wally Ritchie
T-104Jeff Robinson
T-105Gary Roenicke
T-106Jerry Royster
T-107Mark Salas
T-108Luis Salazar
T-109Benito Santiago
T-110Dave Schmidt
T-111Kevin Seitzer
T-112John Shelby
T-113Steve Shields
T-114John Smiley
T-115Chris Speier

T-118Les Straker
T-119Jim Sundberg
T-120Danny Tartabull
T-121Tom Trebelhorn MGR
T-122Dave Valle
T-123Ed Vande Berg
T-124Andy Van Slyke
T-125Gary Ward
T-126Alan Wiggins
T-127Bill Wilkinson
T-128Frank Williams
T-130Jim Winn
T-131Matt Young


T-027Dawson          0.25 
T-031Eckersley          0.25