1981 Topps Traded

The cards from the top list are $0.15 each. The prices for the star cards at the bottom are listed. Shipping for up to 50 cards is $3.50. Additional lots are an additional $0.75 each. A better shipping discount will be made for very large lots. Please send the list of cards needed to sam-mcmillan@att.net and I will either send you a Paypal invoice for provide you with a mailing address to send payment. I have been listing common lots on ebay for many years and have a perfect feedback rating (ebay ID: rimas99). Thank you for looking.

T-728Doyle Alexander
T-729Gary Alexander
T-730Billy Almon
T-731Joaquin Andujar
T-732Bob Bailor
T-733Juan Beniquez
T-734Dave Bergman
T-735Tony Bernazard
T-736Larry Biittner
T-737Doug Bird
T-739Mark Bobmack
T-740Bobby  Bonds
T-741Rick Bosetti

T-743Rick Burleson
T-744Ray Burris
T-745Jeff Burroughs
T-746Enos Cabell
T-747Ken Clay
T-748Mark Clear
T-749Larry Cox
T-750Hector Cruz
T-751Victor Cruz
T-752Mike Cubbage
T-753Dick Davis
T-754Brian Doyle
T-755Dick Drago
T-756Leon Durham
T-757Jim Dwyer
T-758Dave Edwards
T-759Jim Essian
T-760Bill Fahey
T-763Barry Foote
T-764Ken Forsch
T-765Kiko Garcia
T-766Cesar Geronimo
T-767Gary Gray
T-768Mickey Hatcher
T-769Steve Henderson
T-770Marc Hill
T-771Butch Hobson
T-772Rick Honeycutt
T-773Roy Howell
T-774Mike Ivie
T-775Roy Lee Jackson
T-776Cliff Johnson
T-777Randy Jones
T-778Ruppert Jones
T-779Mick Kelleher
T-780Terry Kennedy
T-781Dave Kingman
T-782Bob Knepper
T-783Ken Kravec
T-784Bob Lacey
T-785Dennis Lamp
T-786Rafael Landstoy
T-787Ken Landreaux
T-788Carney Lansford
T-789Dave LaRoche
T-790Joe Lefebvre
T-791Ron LeFlore
T-792Randy Lerch
T-793Sixto Lezcano
T-794John Littlefield
T-795Mike Lum
T-796Greg Luzinski
T-797Fred Lynn
T-798Jerry Martin
T-799Buck Martinez
T-800Gary Matthews
T-801Mario Mendoza
T-802Larry Milbourne
T-803Rick Miller
T-804John Montefusco
T-805Jerry Morales
T-806Jose Morales
T-808Jerry Mumphrey
T-809Gene Nelson
T-810Ed Ott
T-811Bob Owchinko
T-813Mike Phelps
T-814Darrell Porter
T-815Mike Proly
T-817Lenny Randle
T-818Doug Rau

T-820Ken Reitz
T-821Steve Renko
T-822Rick Reuschel
T-823Dave Revering
T-824Dave Roberts
T-825Leon Roberts
T-826Joe Rudi
T-827Kevin Saucer
T-828Tony Scott
T-829Bob Shirley
T-830Ted Simmons
T-831Lary Sorensen
T-832Jim Spencer
T-833Harry Spilman
T-834Fred Stanley
T-835Rusty Staub
T-836Bill Stein
T-837Joe Strain
T-840Steve Swisher
T-841Frank Tanana
T-842Gene Tenace
T-843Jason Thompson

T-845Bill Travers
T-846Tom Underwood
T-847John Urrea
T-848Mike Vail
T-849Ellis Valentine
T-851Pete Vuckovich
T-852Mark Wagner

T-854Claudell Washington
T-856Geoff Zahn
T-857Richie Zisk


T-727Ainge              2.75 
T-738Blyleven              1.00 
T-761Fingers              1.25 
T-762Fisk              1.25 
T-807Morgan              1.25 
T-812Perry              1.25 
T-839Sutton              1.25 
T-850Valenzuela              6.00 
T-855Winfield              1.50 
T-858Checklist              0.75